Songwriting for Kids


In order to make our time together more productive, I have established the following policies:

I teach beginner piano and guitar lessons for students in grades K-8. My lessons maintain a focus on creating and fostering a lifelong love of music. While we will spend much time on notation, technique, and theory, we will also spend time on improvisation, songwriting, and artistry. For piano, I generally teach up through Early Intermediate level work. Once a student reaches level 3, we will need to find another teacher to take the student through more advanced work. For guitar, I teach basic major, minor, and 7th chords, and reading skills in both notation and tablature. Once a student reaches a sufficient level of proficiency in these skills, we will need to find another teacher to take the student through more advanced work.

Lessons are 30 minutes, once a week. Times and schedules will be set in August each year. If, during the year, you need to change your lesson day or time, I will do my best to find a new time that works. Please keep in mind it is often not possible to switch times unless another family is willing to swap.


  • ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: $50 ($75/family) due on June 1 each year. New students: due Sept. 1.
  • SEPT-JUNE TUITION: $1150.00. Tuition covers preparation and lesson time for weekly lessons (33 lessons total). Four weeks throughout the year will be devoted to Group Lessons; the rest will be private lessons (see GROUP LESSONS below). Families should expect a tuition increase every two years appropriate to cost of living increases and services offered.


  • Year: One payment of $1150 due on September 1. 
  • Semester: Two payments of $575 due on September 1 and February 1. 
  • Bi-Monthly: Five payments of $230 due on September 1, November 1, January 1, March 1, and May 1. 
  • Month: Ten payments of $115 due by the first lesson of each month. Some months contain 3 lessons, others 4 or 5. Regardless of how many lessons, the monthly tuition will not change.

There will be no lessons on the following dates. The cost of these missed lessons has already been deducted from the tuition fee: 

  • Thanksgiving Break (1 week)
  • Winter Break (2 weeks)
  • February & April School Vacation Weeks 
  • Three Discretionary Weeks: The lesson calendar plans for 36 weeks of scheduled lessons. This includes 3 discretionary weeks which I may use at any time during the year. I will make up any lessons (more than these 3 weeks) that I need to cancel. Except in the case of emergency or sudden illness, I will give at least 24 hours cancellation notice.

There will be no lessons in July and August.

Since I teach beginner lessons only, I do not hold recitals. While some young students thrive on individual performance, others at this age do not. However, I do think it is beneficial for students to share and celebrate their work. Four times a year, private lessons will be replaced with Group Lessons. During the Group Lesson, each child will present a piece to a group of 5-12 other students, we will play music games, discuss music concepts, and enjoy each other’s company. Unlike a recital, Group Lessons are for students only. Parents and families are not invited to attend.

If the Student Cancels a Lesson: There will be no refund for missed lessons. Please give 24 hours notice when possible if a student needs to miss a lesson. I will reserve a limited number of time slots for make-up lessons. Should a student need to miss a lesson, a make-up may be scheduled (make-up credits expire 90 days after the missed lesson). Because of tight schedules, a make-up time cannot be guaranteed, but I will always do my best to find something that works for everyone. All makeup lessons must be completed by the end of the academic year.

If the Teacher Cancels a Lesson: The “No Lesson” dates listed above are calculated in to the yearly tuition and you are not charged for those dates. If I need to cancel an additional lesson, I will schedule a make-up lesson.

I ask that students please stay home when they are sick, to protect the health of others who use the keyboard. I will do my best to reschedule a make-up lesson as stated above. Sick siblings should also please stay home.

Tuition does not include the cost of books and sheet music. When books and music are needed, I will provide them and invoice you for the cost. Typically, annual materials fees add up to $20-40 per student.

If for any reason the student or the teacher needs to discontinue lessons, 30 day notice must be given. Lessons will continue until the end of that 30 days. Any unused lessons after the 30 days that have been pre-paid will be refunded.

 MY WAIT LIST IS CURRENTLY CLOSED, but there are lots of other terrific teachers in the area. If you would like a list of teachers who have been recommended to me, please send me an email.